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Phplm (Phplayersmenu based dropdown/tree menu)

Phplm (Phplayersmenu based dropdown/tree menu)

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(dropdown menus)
Sample2 Sample2
(tree menus)
Sample3 Sample3
(drop down menus + tree menus from pagelist)

  • Phplm (PhplayersMenu) is a powerful Menu system adapted to use with PmWiki (a simple yet powerful wiki engine).
    • This menu system uses "phplayersmenu-3.2.0rc3".
    • The menus uses javascript. This recipe allows javascript to be directly inserted in wikipage. When used it posses security risk similar to Infobox Recipe.
    • This package should be tested first in local or intranet before use in production sites.
    • This recipe has been developed as a reusable widget for applications that could be build on top of PmWiki, needing menus.

Some of the potential uses of Phplm  
 It can be used inside the wikipages.
 Site wide or group wide menus can be set.
 Page wise menus can be set.
 This menu system can also change its theme by changing a variable value.
 Pagelist or Multiple pagelist can be combined to produce a single menu/tree.

About Phplm

Some issues Phplm addresses:

  1. The menu pages are extremely simple to create.
  2. Easy and reusable simple widget.
  3. Simple syntax, multiple theme support.
  4. It can work along with Jscm.



  1. Original Author of "PhplayersMenu": Marco Pratesi


  • Please test this package at localhost or intranet to understand how it works. Leaving out menu pages and group (Content) unprotected from password could be risky.

Known Issues:
1. On Menu Wiki pages do not leave the first/last line blank before hitting save.
2. Menu Wiki pages do not support internal/inline format markups eg. '''example''' for bold.
3. This menu system might not work if the menupages are READ protected.


See Also


  • Please see links at the beginning of this page.

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Php4 >=


Latest: phplm-latest.tgz


  • V.Krishn

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