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Jscm (JsCookMenu based dropdown menu)

Package version/links:

Skin - pmwiki

Sample1 Sample1 | Sample2 Sample2 | Sample3 Sample3
(From page wiki links)
Sample4 Sample4
(From Pagelist)
Menu Builder Menu Builder
(Web browser based easy menubuilder)

Some of the potential uses of Jscm  
 It can be used inside the wikipages.
 Site wide or group wide menus can be set.
 Page wise menus can be set.
 Menupages can be easily created (using web based menu creater) and uploaded.
 Menu can be build and displayed from menupage, wikilinks and pagelist.
 This menu system can also change its theme by changing a variable value.


  • Various orients:

(:jscmDraw cmIDa cmMainMenu hbr cmThemeMiniBlack:)

(:jscmDraw cmIDb cmMainMenu hur cmThemeGray effect="fading":)

(:jscmDraw cmIDc cmMainMenu hbl cmThemeMini:)

(:jscmDraw cmIDd cmMainMenu hul cmThemeMini:)
  • Using different themes

(:jscmDraw cmIDe cmMainMenu vbr cmThemeNB:)

(:jscmDraw cmIDf cmMainMenu vur cmThemeOffice:)

(:jscmDraw cmIDg cmMainMenu hur cmThemeOffice2003:)

(:jscmDraw cmIDh cmMainMenu vbr cmThemeIE:)

(:jscmDraw cmIDi cmMainMenu vur cmThemePanel:)

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