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Infobox (A simple Javascript/Css based tooltip)

Sample1 Sample1 | Sample2 Sample2 | Sample3 Sample3
(from wikitext and css)
Sample4 Sample4
(pagelist with infobox properties, using complex template)
Sample5 Sample5
pagelist with unobtrusive infobox (js) properties, using template

  • To create Bubblehelp infoboxes, as seen in
    • The tips are Javascript based and processed on client side. The tips are created only when you hover your mouse over the text marked with tips. This recipe allows javascript to be directly inserted in wikipage. When used it posses security risk similar to Jscm Recipe. For more details Read the README file carefully.
    • For using in production environment, this package should be tested first in local or intranet (security reasons) .

Some of the potential uses of Infobox  
 Site wide or group wide tips can be set.
 Page wise tips can be set.
 Comprehensive glossary terms can be defined using this recipe. Thus, can be used where terms on pages needs additional explanations but the page design does not permit the explanation to be inserted there itself.
 Infobox's can be used to explain terms in any other language. Thus helping in creating a multilanguage page.
 Infotips page can be shared among users or easily copied on to a new/different website/page.
 Multi-language infotips pages can be maintained by different users.
 Link tips can be created using simple wiki text.

About Infobox

Some issues Infobox addresses:

  1. Easy creation of bubble-help/infobox/popup using js or css only.


Notes and Comments

  • More refinement could be done, i.e security wise.


See Also


  1. Original Author of js "infobox tooltip": Klaus Knopper


  • Please see links at the beginning of this page.

Package/AppsMinimumLast test
Php4 >=


Latest: infobox-latest.tar.gz Δ


  • V.Krishn
    • I used the js file from It is covered under GPL. I wrote a wrapper .php file to make it work under PmWiki.
    • Further refinement from others are welcomed.
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